Rapid Set Concrete Mix: Uses and Benefits

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Highlights of Rapid Set Concrete Mix

  • Fast: Sets in 15 minutes, ready for traffic in
    1 hour* 3000 PSI in first hour.
  • Durable: Formulated for long life in critical applications
  • Structural: For repair and new construction
  • Multi-Purpose: Use for concrete repair,
    formed work, setting posts, footings, floors,
    machine bases, and more
  • Can be placed from 2″ to 24 ”

Uses of the Rapid Set Concrete Mix

  • General and structural concrete repair
  • Construction of pavements
  • Stucco and plaster repair
  • One- Coat exterior plasters
  • Underlayments
  • Formed work
  • Vertical and overhead applications

Our experience using this product

In my experience using Rapid Set Concrete Mix, it has been very fast and easy to use. We have used it for patching driveways, curbs, and setting posts. What I like about this product is how user friendly it is and not much room for error if you follow the instructions. Next we will give you just one example and step by step instructions that are easy to follow so that you can also have a similar experience using this product. Concrete Mix has many uses but just to get started we will work on setting a post.

Using Rapid Set Concrete Mix to Set a post

  • Dig a hole
  • Have all of your materials ready to go. (Post, post supports, and a level)
  • Mix your bag of Rapid Set Concrete Mix with 3.5 to 4.5 quarts of water in you 5 gallon bucket. Add most of your water to your bucket, then pour in half of your concrete mix and mix with a mechanical mixer until blended, usually around 10 seconds. Then add the remaining dry material to your bucket and continue mixing until there is a lump-free consistency.
  • Pour your mixed Concrete Mix in the hole and immediately insert your post. Level and stabilize your post with the supports. In temperatures around 70 degrees, the Concrete Mix will support the post in place in 15 minutes (initial set). Rapid Set Concrete Mix will be structural or ready to build on in 1 hour!

Hope you have success in using these tips and your job goes well.

Until next time,

Galaxy Building Supply

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