Rapid Set Set Control and Flow Control

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Flow control is a water reducer additive. Set Control helps to extend your work time with your concrete products.

When do you need Flow Control?

If you are trying to keep the products strength up without adding too much water to it. It helps to increase fluidity and compressive strength. Just one bag of flow control can take it from a peanut butter consistency to a tomato soup like consistency. This makes the product more fluid so you can fill up a hole or anchor around a pole.

Adding Flow Control to a bucket

When do you need Set Control?

When extended worktime is necessary. We always recommend using Set Control when its over 70 degrees outside. Each bag gives you an extra 15 minutes of work time. You can add up to four bags of set control to one bag of concrete to add extra time for you to work with it.

Adding Set Control to a bucket of mix.

When you need to slow down the setting time on your job, SET Control gives you more time to place and finish your concrete, mortar and grout materials. More time is often needed when your project involves large or intricate placements (more than one cubic foot) of grout, mortar or concrete. cement products and most other packaged hydraulic cements.

  • SET Control provides more working time
  • FLOW Control increases strength and fluidity
  • Made with quality for reliability

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