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Important Do’s and Don’ts of using
Rapid Set Concrete Products in the Summer

As the summer begins to really warm up, there are more and more concrete jobs going on and you are most likely super busy! There are some important things to remember when you are working with concrete products in the summer. Do you use Rapid Set concrete products? Here are some great tips coming from a concrete professional who has been in the business almost 10 years.

Water curing means keeping the surface damp for a certain amount of time to keep the surface of your repair material from drying too quickly.


  • It is so important to make sure you properly prep your surface. Using your grinding machines or laying down the products you need before starting with concrete.
  • Before you get started make sure you have the manpower and time.  You must have enough people working the job to cover the area before the concrete starts to set.
  • Make sure to cure the concrete products. This means you keep adding water to the concrete and keep your product hydrated. In the hot weather your product is going to lose water, so this DO is a crucial one.
  • Always make sure you have somewhere to clean your equipment after you are finished.
Have your mixing station set up and organized with all the equipment in place before mixing.


  • This may vary from which region you are in, but we are mainly in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland area and we had snow at the end of May this year. Definitely check the weather and do not apply product in freezing temps.
  • Make sure you do not use any hot water to mix your concrete. Water should be under 70 degrees.
  • When it is warmer than 80 degrees outside DO NOT leave your product in direct sunlight. You can use ice water in extreme temps.
  • Do not start your job with out a backup machine. If your machine malfunctions during the job, you may be out a days work while you take time to go find another one.  For example, your Hippo mixer or Pelican cart for transporting the concrete.

We wish you luck and hope you have success with all of your concrete jobs and stay cool in the summer heat.

Until Next time,

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