SB2405 ProGuard PD Water Repellent

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SB 2405 Pro Guard PD (Pre-Diluted) is a ready to use water borne blend of stabilized siloxanes and silanes designed to provide protection from water intrusion on concrete, block, pavers, flagstone, terra cotta, sandstone and brick. SB 2405 is an excellent means for protecting masonry from the accumulation of water penetration leading to freeze/thaw damage, efflorescence, and dirt accumulation. Protection of this nature allows for a lengthening of substrate life. SB 2405 is formulated to penetrate deeply into the surface and bond physically and chemically to the substrate to provide extended service life. SB 2405 will remain breathable, is VOC compliant (less than 50 grams / liter), and also reduces staining associated with mold and mildew. This product is not for use on polished surfaces.