SB2400 Combipel Water Repellent

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SB 2400 is a solvent-free concentrated blend of siloxane and silane designed for jobsite dilution with clean water. The unique silicone micro emulsion creates an effective water repellent for a wide variety of substrates such as split face solid block, architectural concrete, clay brick, clay tile, sandstone and clay & concrete pavers. SB 2400 is an excellent means for protecting masonry from the accumulation of biological growth, water penetration leading to freeze/thaw damage, efflorescence and dirt accumulation. Protection of this nature allows for a lengthening of substrate life. SB 2400 is formulated to not cause a color change when properly diluted and applied. SB 2400 physically and chemically bonds to the substrate, is UV stable, VOC compliant and highly vapor permeable.