PROSOCO Consolideck® LS/CS Densifier 5 Gallon

  • Ideal for concrete dustproofing applications
  • Use on any age concrete
  • Will not contribute to ASR
  • Easy, one-step application
  • Coverage: 400 to 800 sq ft per gallon


Consolideck LS/CS is a penetrating lithium-silicate treatment that reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. It densifies and hardens the concrete, and it renders treated floors dustproof.


Floors treated with Consolideck LS/CS test out at more than four times the hardness of untreated floors. Treated concrete resists pounding, abrasion, traffic, chemicals, water, and the thousands of other costly stressors that attack industrial concrete floors.


Consolideck LS/CS provides a safe, economical alternative to conventional sodium or potassium silicate surface hardeners. Unlike conventional hardeners which deposit high concentrations of sodium or potassium salts, Consolideck LS/CS contains lithium, and it will not trigger or contribute to surface ASR (Alkali Silicate Reaction).


Use Consolideck LS/CS on freshly troweled “green” concrete or existing floors of any age.



More Information
Brand Prosoco
Category Densifiers and Guards
Type Liquid
Color Clear
pH 11.0
Condition New