PROSOCO Consolideck® Concrete Protector SB 5 Gallon

  • Robust water-beading and repellency
  • Low-odor, VOC-compliant
  • Treated surfaces retain their natural appearance
  • Ready to use
  • Higher coverage rates than typical water repellents


Improved Stain Resistance

This new solvent-based alternative to Consolideck Concrete Protector offers improved stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior, horizontal, and vertical concrete surfaces.


Treated surfaces resist oil and food stains and actively repel water and water-related stains, yet they also retain their natural texture and breathability. Concrete Protector SB will not trap moisture below the surface, helping to avoid flooring failures and moisture damage.


Works on Multiple Types of Flooring

Concrete Protector SB may be applied to any cured concrete, from steel troweled to highly polished. It can also be applied to surfaces previously treated with Consolideck® LS®, LS/CS®, Blended Densifier, LSGuard®, or PolishGuard.


Re-Coatable for Easy Maintenance

Concrete Protector SB penetrates and bonds to concrete that has previously been treated with Concrete Protector SB, so you won’t have to deal with the added time and expense of stripping before recoating the surface.


Easy to Apply, Low-Odor Formula

This solvent-based protective treatment can be easily applied with a pump-up sprayer. Its fast-drying formula reduces down-time ensuring treated surfaces can be returned to full use as quickly as possible.


Floors treated with Concrete Protector SB can also be burnished to remove soiling and improve the shine.


Concrete Protector SB has a low-odor making it suitable for interior application to occupied buildings.


VOC- Compliant

Concrete Protector SB is compliant with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s AIM VOC regulations.



  • May slightly darken concrete surfaces
  • Not for use on surfaces exposed to standing or pooling water
  • Will not compensate for structural defects or bridge cracks, gaps, and voids
  • Not suitable for surfaces subjected to below grade water exposure
  • Will not provide UV protection to concrete floors colored with Consolideck® GemTone Stain or ColorHard. Consolideck® LSGuard® or PolishGuard are more appropriate


Always pretest to ensure desired results before application


Typical Coverage Rates:

Concrete Protector SB has a higher coverage rate than typical water repellents or other stain-resistant impregnators.


Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times. Calculate the target coverage rate by testing a representative section of the prepared surface using the published application instructions.


Coverage is in square feet/meters per gallon:

  • Steel Troweled Concrete: 1,500–3,000 sq ft (139–279 sq m)
  • Mechanically Honed & Polished Concrete: 2,500–4,000 sq ft (232–372 sq m)
  • LSGuard- or PolishGuard-Treated Concrete Floors: 4,000–5,000 sq ft (372–465 sq m)


Note: Applications to highly polished floors yield the highest coverage rates. Two thin applications achieve better results than one heavy coat.



More Information
Brand Prosoco
Category Concrete Protector
Type Liquid
Color Clear
Max Coverage Per Gallon 5000
solids (%) 13