Level Floor Mobility, rimless canister, liner and 2 paddles: TW225 and TW225D

Create a cleaner, safer work environment – comply with OSHA regulations (in addition to personal PPE)

Ideal for polymer self-leveling products and engineered concrete

Mix non-dust-generating products such as cementitious urethane, epoxy self-levelers and slurries


  • Product Details

    CS Unitec PMH80F-DC Mega Hippo Portamix for Flat Floors makes it easy for one person to mix and deliver multiple batches of screed, grout, mortar, sealants, adhesives or other self-leveling material.

    The “Easy-roll Trolley” and the balanced “Easy-tilt Cradle” let you pour and spread material at the same time. Multi-stage pours to achieve a thicker screed are often not necessary. Wheel covers keep casters remain free of screed splatter.
    • Mix compounds, including cement screeds, overlay, underlay, textured coatings, sealants, adhesives, epoxies, resins, pre-tinted material and other self-leveling compounds
    • Ideal for mixing in bulk and dispensing into small containers
    • Consecutive batch mixing without downtime
    • High-torque, 15 Amp 2-geared motor
    • Full-brim capacity of 23 gallons, 350 lbs. or 6-bag batches
    • Easy-roll Trolley and balanced Easy-tilt Cradle allow for pouring and spreading of material at same time
    • Specially shaped mixing bowl eliminates pockets of unmixed product and allows for easy cleaning
    • 9″ diameter paddles with helix ribbon and side bars lift and shear product quickly to produce excellent consistency and thorough mixing of colors and additives
    • Resilient, pliable liner is easily cleaned; alternating liners prevents cross contamination
    • Integrated canister lid to prevent splatter and dust extraction port


    • Mixing motor
    • Bucket
    • Removable liner
    • Two paddles: TW225 for half batches (2-3 bags) and TW225D for full batches (5-6 bags)
    Bowl Capacity:
    6 x 50 lbs. mix + water (23 gal./350 lbs.)
    6 x 22 kg mix + water (86 liters/160 kg)