Looking for a Career Change?

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Are you looking for a career change or to learn a new trade?

Our small classroom setting is perfect because you can try everything yourself and see everything up close. You can try to watch You Tube videos and google but the best way to learn is by someone in the business for a long time. Our instructor has 30+ years of experience and is a wealth of knowledge.

What do you learn at our classes?

  •  Learn the entire process from start to finish
  • You will learn how to prep and repair any cracks
  • Application for applying a seamless epoxy system
  • Learn the importance and how to apply Moisture Vapor Primer
  • Base coat, Metallic epoxy, and decorative flakes.
  • Polyaspartic topcoat

Learn the tools you need to start your own epoxy business.

Our class is designed for beginners. No experience needed for this class. We have had students that have no experience at all with epoxy to some people with minor experience. Whatever your reason for taking the class it will be super beneficial. You can get on the ground and use our joint and crack filler to learn how to repair the floor before you lay the epoxy down. You definitely want to have a nice clean surface before you start and we will teach you all of that prep work that is needed before you lay down your epoxy.

You can also ask questions on bidding jobs and learn tips on quoting and giving your clients estimates. Learn from our instructors massive experience and ask him as many questions as you would like.

How can Galaxy Building Supply Corp help YOU after the class?

After you graduate from our class and earn your certificate, our company will be there for you. Our clients find that they can always call our sales reps when they need help on a job or have a question. We can help you trouble shoot anything that is going on with the product and try our best to help you get the job done right.

That is how we stand out.

You can go shop from a big box store or get personalized sales service. Our motto is the “Best Customer Service for the Best Price”. We may be small but we ARE growing but our goal is to go above and beyond with our customer service.

How do I sign up?

We are adding more and more dates to our calendar. We starting with one a quarter right now but as we head into the winter season and things slow down we may be adding more to the calendar. The best place to find out about more information is our FACEBOOK page or our INSTAGRAM page. I am going to include the link for our upcoming Fall 2021 session and hope to see you there! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR NEXT CLASS.

Our last Summer Session 2021

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